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Today is International Bagpipe Day. It’s also the “Festival of Life in the Cracks Day” (take a moment to let that imagery set in) and the International Day of Awesomeness (I just hope these 2 aren’t related). Today is also my own personal day to celebrate Purim.

No, I’m not Jewish. Yes, I am aware that Purim, a 2 day celebrations to remember God’s deliverance from Haman’s edict to “kill, destroy and annihilate” the Jews (also thanks to Queen Esther), is later in March. Purim was a “spontaneous celebration of joy of finding oneself still standing on the day after an irrevocable death decree was executed” (Beth Moore). It is deliberate remembrance of all God had done to turn their mourning into joy. When I finished my study on the book of Esther last December, the author suggested that we set a date for our own deliverance. I didn’t become a Christian on March 10, but God did set me free from a different kind of stronghold and He turned my mourning into joy.

I wrote about Waiting for Little Guy once before and I hope to someday write about it more eloquently and include my journal notes. I re-read them from time to time and I marvel at the depths of grief,  and the tenacity to hope that I did not believe I possessed at the time. I’m not writing about it here (you can read it by clicking here). But I did want to acknowledge today.

“God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to His eyes”. – Psalm 18:24, The Message

Today is my day to remember and to rejoice. God is Awesomeness – even though He let someone invent bagpipes!

(actually I like bagpipes, so please let that last sentence slide…)