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I know it’s not technically February any more, but the February blahs have been creeping up on me. They always do this time of year, however, with the minimal amount of snow and arctic blasts this year, I haven’t gone into hibernation quite as deeply as other years. I even went outside without my coat today – and it was lovely! But right now, inspiration is about as hard to find as winter gloves in Wal-Mart.

Every now and then, someone asks me about something I wrote about on my blog…wondering how my sad, sad tale ended. Usually, they don’t end well. Or they just kind of fizzle…

So without further ado – here’s an update on 5 previous blog adventures:

1. In June of 2013, I tore down the bad fruit in my kitchen and started a mini “big-bottom construction” project. Did I ever finish it? Yes and no. It took me over 2 years, but I got the kitchen painted, except for the ceiling. So with a little help from my Dad last Fall, we did it! But there’s one problem. When I initially edged the ceiling in 2013, I used white paint. When I wnt to complete the job in 2015, the white paint had dried up…and the can I grabbed to use was…not white. If you look closely (please don’t), the white edge shows through. I have to do a second coat on the ceiling this year.

Hubby installed a new bathroom sink and vanity after Christmas…and fixed the ensuing leak. And now that my toilet no longer groans like an aged man sitting in a chair and expiring (thanks to Dad and Hubby), I am contemplating painting the bathroom…

2. My car is still at the mechanics and I finally asked Hubby to call to find out just what was broken, since I couldn’t seem to get an answer. It is the transmission (again). I do have a loaner car with lots of fancy features…and someone else’s snot-rags in the console. Eww… But I don’t have to walk to school in the morning or hitch-hike to work at the church! To celebrate, I had a nap after I dropped Little Guy at school.

_MG_8168-002 (534x800)

3. Are you still learning Italian on the internet? Si e io sono quasi finito. Each section consists of 3-8 individual lessons. Every night I can choose whether to practice my “weak skills” (which throws a little bit of everything you have learned to date), to practice my weak words (and I get to choosethe section), or to do a new lesson. If I keep my weak skills or weak words up to date, the section turns gold. I currently have 48 sections complete and 47 of them gold. Despite my hard work, my fluentcy percentage never changes – I’ve been at 8% since July! Fa schifo!!

Maybe I broke it…

4. Did you ever get things sorted out with the stupid people at work? Things are mostly settled with Bridezilla, but I haven’t had much time to think about her. I’ve been dealing with another bride’s parents, who obsessively call and email several times nearly every day and are quickly pushing me toward a complete mental breakdown.

As for the Taylor Swift issue, it’s been resolved (without violence)!

5. How are your belly dancing classes going? Considering I haven’t knocked myself out by flailing limbs or been rushed away in an ambulance because someone thought I was having a seizure, I’d say they are going well. I have spent several weeks trying to find an optimum position in front of a mirror, but inevitably end up standing behind either the skinny ballerina (who loves to stick her butt out even though you aren’t supposed to) or the woman who just has a big butt. Neither one likes to share the mirror.

Last week, I slogged my way through a blinding snowstorm to class and was 1 of 2 students to show up. We had a substitute teacher who obviously loved to dance; every now and then she’d let out an earsplitting undulating war cry and scare us both. I could have danced all night…

But I’m pretty sure I still look like this:


At least that’s what the woman in front of me looks like…

I’m “living the dream”… one beautiful nightmare at a time! 🙂