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This week I was forced to join the rank of “good parents” who walk their kids to school. I’ve seen them, tramping through the snow in single file, parents in the lead while the kids drag their feet at a respectful 10 feet behind them. Like lambs to the slaughter…

I drive a FORD – Fix Or Repair Daily. Or as a friend reminded me – Found On Road Dead. I have spent more time at the mechanics with this “new” car that I bought all by myself than I ever did with my 14 year old car! This week, I tried to accelerate at a green light (always better than at a red light) but my car had a brain-fart and forgot what to do. It made a grinding noise first, then it shuddered and hiccupped, and refused to go over 20 km/hour. The cars lined up behind me like a funeral parade, and the drivers’ hands started wave at me. I flipped on my hazard lights, but they continued to wave. The car eventually sorted itself out and I made it to the school and the mechanics without further incident…but it meant I had no car on Thursday.

I usually drive Little Guy to school. It’s not because I’m anti-environmentally-friendly. Nor am I worried that my child will melt if he gets rained/snowed on (I already know he won’t). When Little Guy started school, I was still sorting out some health problems that meant long walks were not possible. Plus Little Guy was in all-day kindergarten and by the end of the day, he was so tired, I literally had to carry him to the car. Then I started working and it saved me time to drop him at school on my way to work. And let’s be honest…I have trouble crawling out of bed on time!

We walked home once before when the car was at the mechanics. It helped me understand the single file trudge with parents leading – they were trying to get away from all whining.

So, yesterday morning, I crawled out of bed early, choked down a piece of toast, and dragged headed out the front door to walk to school. We were dressed in multiple layers but I was too warm despite the fact that the Radio Guy said it felt like -15C. By the time I got to the school and home again, I had wasted spent 40 precious minutes had doing the “E” word (i.e., exercise). I had sweat off 10 lbs (at least in my mind) and I had lost all feeling in my thighs. I’m hoping that was from the cold, not the sign of a heart condition. I was also ready for a nap.

I had the pleasure again at the end of the school day, only by this time, the wind had picked up. My fingers and toes were burning half way to the school; I had lost all feeling by the time I arrived. And I didn’t time it right so I had an extra 10 minutes to wait. I nearly dozed off sitting on the baseball bleachers…from hypothermia. I prayed for the bell to ring.

I’m certain Little Guy was the last kid to leave the school yesterday afternoon, and when he did finally emerge from the warmth, he moved slower than molasses in January. His path to my resting place was like this:

I nearly wept, but my tear ducts were frozen, along with my chin, my will to live, and something nasty in my nose. I kept myself awake by watching for and pointing every doggie pee puddle in the snow banks that I could find. Little Guy was not amused.

I was positively giddy by the time I got home.

Only my car still wasn’t ready…which means another walk today. And bonus. There’s snow falling on cedars! Once I get Little Guy to school and if I survive the death march home, I have to change into a dress and hitch a ride to the dealership for a “loaner” car.

Wish me luck!


Happy Weekend!