I’ve posted 4 times this week (counting today) so I’m giving myself permission to keep it short & sweet, just like me <insert gagging noises>!

I was cleaning out some old emails from my “Sent Folder” when I stumbled on this wonderful memory – on a Tuesday morning, which feels like a Monday because it’s the first day of my working-outside-the-home work week. (I don’t exactly get to spend Mondays watching my “stories” and sucking down bon-bons all day)!

I wrote to Hubby:

I both hurt myself and humiliated myself at the same time. It must be “Monday”.


Need I say more?”

I know you want me to say more – to share the juicy story of how a maiden fair fought off the unconscionable attack of an 8-legged behemoth as she sat on her tuffet, working in a most graceful manner.

But I can’t because I said I’d keep it short.

Let’s just say there were piercing screams, clawing hands and flailing limbs, followed by thumps and bangs, then silence… Not one male in the office came to my rescue. Nay! They neither stirred nor yelled from the depths of their cells to see if I was ok…

…which I obviously am because I’m writing this short, lame post! Enjoy your weekend – another Monday is just around the corner!

“I heard that chivalry was dead, but I think it’s just got a bad flu” – Meg Ryan