I have always hated math, but math is everywhere in life.

Last night, I unexpectedly went on a math-related quest. Here’s how the numbers “added up”:

1 very upset child

2 pages of math homework

3 attempted cell phone calls to Hubby

5 different stores all over town

6 math questions needing answers

10 times climbing in and out of the car

23 traffic lights

65 minutes of driving

500 ml of Coke Classic guzzled

45 minutes to finish homework, cook supper, feed family and send them out the door

4 cheese hotdogs for supper

…and all for 1 semi-circular piece of plastic with numbers (a.k.a. protractor) that cost me $3.76! Countless reasons to still hate geometry!


DSCN3738 (800x600)

After the guys left, I had 1 Halo firefight where I killed 120 aliens…109 of them were headshots. I talked to my Mom for 10 minutes, did 7 Italian lessons and ate 5 pieces of chocolate before crawled into 1 unmade bed for 8 hours of restless sleep…so I’d ready for my 5.5 hours of work today…

“Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is numbers.” – Shakuntala Devi

Happy Thursday!