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Can you tell what it is?

The photo challenge was an interpretation of “Circle”, but to make it more of a challenge, I tried an experiment…it didn’t go as planned. So I decided to experiment a little more – changing to black and white, and turning it upside down.

DSC_0714 (2) (542x397)

Give up?

I tried to take a photo of a bubble as ice crystals formed. I had a hard time just catching the bubbles (with mittens on) so I left it on the stick and laid it on the porch railing. As the solution gathered at the bottom of the bubble, it formed a circle of ice – clear on the bottom but translucent in the centre as more solution ran into it. Eventually,  I did get a few pictures of the ice crystals from the top…but they looked too much like a health class petrie dish photo about the “birds and the bees”! I’ll try again another day..hopefully a warmer winter day!


“Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” – Blaise Pascal


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