Happy New Year!

It’s Day 1 of 2016 and I have to begin somewhere! Time to shake myself out of this sugar coma and let the misery begin again…

For the past week (or more) I’ve been hanging out with my folks and boys, playing games (like Exploding Kittens), watching movies (LOTR marathon),  and eating way too much!

I’ve consumed homemade bread, cookies, pies, and tarts, along with the pre-requisite turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes drowned in gravy. There were the waffles I made for Christmas breakfast (with syrup and whipped cream), and the traditional New Year’s Eve Chinese food. And the 9 different types of cheese I consumed with several boxes of crackers.

We had other plans for the holidays…but they required taking off our stretchy pants and leaving the house… preferably with other pants on.

I’ll be rolling off the couch, and heading home in a couple days to once again join “normal” society. I’m not sure they’re ready for me (or should that be the other way around)!

Diet Day 1


Happy New Year!