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I know this may seem weird. Most photographers are snapping beautiful pictures of family gatherings, shoppers clustered in the malls, and scenes that warm the heart. I like the hymn, I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. I wrote about it last year. In it, the poet talks about his sense of despair because “hate is strong”. This time of year, I sometimes feel a gathering of emotions – joy at having time gathered with family and friends, sadness for those who are lonely and grieving, mourning for the brokenness of our world, and a longing for Jesus’ return. It can be easy to let fear and despair shroud our souls. So I paired this picture – a silly game played with family (obviously I’m losing!!) with the words of another song  to remind me, if no one else, that even when it seems like all is lost, there is hope and we need to shout that love and hope is still alive in our world!

Merry Christmas!


Game Pieces

“You’re on the edge of giving up, You know I feel it too
You won’t be alone because I’m with you
Bring the fire, bring the smoke, bring the rain
We will bend but we will never break.

If we believe we can’t lose, Even mountains will move
It’s my faith, it’s my life – This is our battle cry
They can’t take us down if we stand our ground
If we live, if we die – We will shout out our battle cry

Can you hear it? Can you feel it?

Let it rise like a prayer in the night,
Shout for love, shout for hope
Let them hear us!” – Skillet, Battle Cry

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