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Yup! That’s it, Princess. Take your time. Walk as slowly as possible. I see you stealing glances at me, laughing with your friend because you’re making me wait in my car at this intersection. I now you think you’re terribly clever, and funny, and pretty. You think you’re annoying me, that this smile plastered on my face is forced. But it’s not…not really…

You see, Princess, someday you are going to be a greying, stressed out middle-aged mom, sitting at this same intersection (or one just like it). Your daughter will be wailing overdramatically in the backseat over some ridiculous slight by her BFF that has now launched into such mountainous proportions that her “life is ruined”. You are late picking up your son from karate lessons, which means he’ll be late for swimming. Nothing is thawed for dinner and your mother-in-law’s voice is chiding you in the back of your head, (along with the headache that’s been slowly growing all day long), for not feeding her grandchildren meals from scratch every night. Hubby will be late again tonight and you have a pile of paperwork to do after the kids are in bed. Don’t even think about the mound of laundry. And you’ve just realized you forgot to pick up Bristol board for your surly teen’s school project, which is due tomorrow. The waistline of your pants is digging in and you’re starting to feel a hot flash coming on. You just want to get home, put on your pajamas, and veg in front of the t.v. for a few hours before bed! But you can’t because some little old lady is crossing the intersection as slowly as possible. She keeps stealing glances at you and smirking at her friends.

That will be me!

It is this very line of vengeful thought that keeps me from impatiently scowling and hurling insults at you while I rev my engine.

Yup! That’s it Princess, take your time. Happy Weekend!