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As a child, I was always fascinated by the little fence in the cemetery near my grandparents’ farm. The cemetery itself was an open field on the east and west side of the road. No other fences or gates separated the stones from the roadside, and the only building is a small wooden shed at the very back of the property . The stones themselves were of varying shapes and sizes, and many date back into the late 1860’s. Some of the stones are so worn that their inscriptions can no longer be read, while others are slowly being buried in overgrown trees and vines.

Cemetery fence

I liked visiting the cemetery and looking at all the stones and dates. This little wrought-iron fence and gate contained only 3 stones on the west side (in the Quaker cemetery). The one in the middle (as seen in the background) belonged to a little girl who died in 1906 (age 8 months) and I can remember wondering if she had been a princess, to have such a pretty courtyard, not fully comprehending, of course, how sad and how great her parents’ pain must have been at the loss of one so small…

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