Fields trips were great when you were a kid – no school, no.homework.

I went on a few field trip today – to the grocery store and then the dentist (Lucky me – I get to do that again next Monday!).  It was also photo day at swimming lessons; I got to sit in a moist environment for 45 minutes in flip-flops and a sweater. And I haven’t painted my toenails in 3 months…

October was National Field Trip month and to honour it, my friend, Coach Daddy compiled a list 6 word sentences from friends, bloggers, and friends of bloggers to answer the question: Where would you take the CoachDaddy Crew on a field trip?

Surprisingly, not all of them involved food…including mine at #42 (which we know is the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”.

Trust me – it’s worth checking out!!