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I recently hustled Little Guy out the door on a Saturday morning to take some pictures of the Fall foliage. My intention was to just stop along the road with our cameras, snap a few photos, and keep on trucking. Our first stop was next to a bridge with a pond. Unfortunately, Little Guy’s camera battery died before he took his first photo. He took a couple of photos with my camera:

After that first stop, Little Guy was more interested in staying in the car and playing with a cd. Track 10 to be specific. Over and over. On top volume. And it was loud. So in between pulling off to the side of the road for me to snapped photos of foliage and fowl in the fields, we were rocking in the car!

Tree and Pond 2

My Pond Photo

“Life is a boundless privilege, and when you pay for your ticket, and get into the car, you have no guess what good company you shall find there.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) – Essays and Lectures, “The Conduct of Life,” VII Considerations by the Way, 1860