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I had every intention of getting up early on Saturday morning and slipping from the house with my camera and keys to take photos for this week’s challenge. And then I sprained my ankle Friday night, playing video games…Ok, I was playing video games and didn’t realize my foot was half asleep, and when I hopped up to start supper, I tripped over my own foot. And not gracefully. I wasn’t careful. Who knew video games were so dangerous?

Green Tree Frog

In the Summer, we were entertained at my parents’ home with Zuma, the tree frog.  LIttle Guy became friends with it and often walked around the pool with it in his hand and on his shoulder.

DSC_3418 (800x533)

I don’t have a macro lens so I had to get close to Zuma to take his photo and I had to do it carefully so he didn’t jump on me!  To see more “Careful” photos, click here.