Duolingo.com is a great website to help you learn a new language. I’m using it to learn Italian…but sometimes their sentences and phrases raise awkward questions, and discussions to follow them. And not just in Italian.

I snagged a few (clean ones) for some Weekend Weirdness!

L’ingegnere è nel frigorifero.

Translation:The engineer is in the refrigerator.

What is he doing in the fridge? Was he “iced” by the Italian mob? Is he the little man who turns the fridge light on and off for you? (Click here to read the full set of comments)


“Kona mi er tung.”

Translation: My wife is heavy.

Not a smart thing to say within ear shot of your wife!


“La tero ne bongustas

Translation: The earth does not taste good

While I confess that I used to eat sand out of my sandbox, the same one the neighbourhood cats used for their own personal “business”, they are correct. Dirt generally doesn’t take good!


“Sei mio finché non muoio”

Translation: You are mine until I die

That sounds like a threat. Good thing I learned earlier that Il coltello é nella stivale – the knife is in the boot! Just in case…


 “If ben bang voor de woestijin van ellende”

Translation:  I’m scared of the desert of misery

Poetic. Are there any desert spiders?


“è necessario che il marito muoia”

Translation: it is necessary that the husband dies

That depends…what did he do…


“Ich bin nicht dein Spielzeug”

Translation:  I am not your toy.


“Sagan handlar om två igelkottar och en tvål”

Translation: The fairy tale is about two hedgehogs and a bar of soap.

I will leave that one to your own imagination…


“I gatti non mangiano i ragazzi”

Translation: Cats don’t eat the children.

Watch out! The dogs might…


“Keine Suppe für dich!”

Translation: No Soup for You!


“Leverpostejen kræver at isbjørnen forlader værelset”

Translation: “The liver pâté demands that the polar bear leaves the room.

What did the polar bear do and what did you eat to make the liver pâté talk to you? May I have some? It`s been a rough week.


And my favourite…

“Kaken er en løgn”

Translation:The cake is a lie.

Happy Weekend!