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Boundaries: Kids love to push them. They also need them. And as they grow, we as parents need to let the boundaries grow too. How else will our kids learn how to navigate in the world, or worse, how to navigate when things don’t turn out they way they planned?

We went for a walk on Saturday morning – here were the boundaries:

  1. You aren’t old enough to stay home alone so you have to come with us. You can play Minecraft when we get home.
  2. Summer is over – wear a coat!
  3. Stay on the path – you don’t want to mess with poison ivy!
  4. I understand you’re unhappy…but whine or snarl, and I will walk slower…
  5. You don’t have to acknowledge our presence – but if you can’t see us, we can’t you, and that’s not o.k

Walk in the Park 1

Walk in the Park 2

Technically, I can still see him…

“One finds limits by pushing them”. – Herbert Simon

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