I finally took the plunge! I’m  really not a self-absorbed fluff bunny who snaps selfies every 30 seconds and plasters them all over social media…but I snapped one yesterday! I have no grand aspirations that will be shattered when Disney doesn’t call me to be the next “live action” movie princess. Nor is the quality or composition of this photo meant to be my cover shot for a horror flick. I merely wanted to show off that “Red is the New Me”!

And I’m thankful it’s red, because after the first hour of teasing, painting, sighing, and wrapping in foil, when my stylist, Hope, starting washing it out…it was fluorescent orange streaks! I looked like a pylon! Which honestly (and quite sadly), is a step up from looking like a used Q-tip the last time I took a chance on my hair!

Pylon…perhaps fashionable in a construction zone, but not exactly the look I was going for!

This is much better.

Red Hair

I’ve had mixed reviews so far…from “love it” to “I don’t really care for it”..but they don’t have to look in the mirror every morning. I do  – and I like what I see! So if you can’t say something nice, just grimace and nod. I can read body language, and I promise just to smile back!  After all, some middle-aged men buy red sports cars – this cost so much less!

* * *

“There is a shade of red for every woman.” – Audrey Hepburn