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Yesterday I did what Moms are born to do when their offspring call…

After I hung up the phone early yesterday morning, I told Hubby “I just want to get in the car and go!”

Hubby: “So…go!”

Me: “But I’ve never driven there [to Big Guy’s place] on my own.”

Hubby: “Then it’s time to put on your ‘big girl panties’ and go!”

So I did. I went. I got verbal instructions from Big Guy, while Hubby programmed the GPS (I don’t like it but I could use all the help I could get). I grabbed a shower, my flat iron and a 4-pack of KD, and with Little Guy in tow (he wasn’t missing an impromptu visit to his big brother’s), we hit the highway!

Someone had smashed Big Guy’s passenger car window in the night and stole his wallet and some spare change. His wallet contained all his I.D. – driver’s license, credit card, bank card, health card, company insurance card, an a small assortment of (mostly empty) restaurant gift cards. No cash, unless you count Canadian Tire money!

No money meant no money to replace cards. No money to ride a bus to places to replace cards. Super Mom to the rescue!

I haven’t always been able to just “go” when he’s called. I didn’t go when his car was totalled – icy roads and poor visibility were the reasons he was in that mess! I didn’t go when a small kitchen accident warranted stitches at the hospital (Super Aunt did a stop-in between her kids’ activities). And I didn’t go when he needed a ride home after he had his wisdom teeth removed (Super Papa ran that gauntlet and brought him to my house for “nursing”). So it felt good to “just go”!

Everything is closed on a Sunday! However, while I was there, I cleaned up some science experiments washed dishes, Big Guy did laundry, and Little Guy helped “tidy up”. We took out some trash. We cleaned up the broken glass and secured a plastic bag over the gaping hole. We picked up some groceries and a new wallet, and we went out to eat…twice!

It was after the first meal and groceries that we returned home to find a gift on Big Guy’s front stoop – his wallet. It was battered and soggy…and nothing was missing. A good Samaritan (who had to live in the building because the door is always locked – I know this because I showed up with no way in. I don’t have a key but I did have cell phone…whose battery was completely dead) must have found out it in the bushes nearby! I love happy endings!

Super Mom got home safely last night and is rather tired today! Big Guy replaced his bank card, filed his claim with the insurance company, and likely has a new window by posting time!

You may ask why it was such a big deal for me to drive to his place alone…why I needed my “big girl panties”? It’s simple. I’m used to driving east toward my parents’ home, not west toward Big Guy’s home…and if I get in trouble driving east, I need only call and Super Mom or Super Dad would “just go” for me (that is of course, assuming my cell phone battery wasn’t dead)! It’s what were born to do!