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Sometimes I want to “select all” and tap delete…and I’m not talking about computers! September was “self-improvement month”  – did you miss it too?

I spent part of September working on home improvement. I bought a new shower curtain,  installed a new duvet, asked Hubby nicely to hang a new picture, and  painted the trim around my front door (that only took 5.5 hours)!

But self-improvement?

Where to begin? By eating more broccoli? Going to bed earlier? Or worse, with more of the the evil “E” word (“exercise”)?


Look what happened when I went mountain bikiing!

Where would you begin? And what if I told you to pick just one goal and then phrase it using only 6 words.

That’s what CoachDaddy did over on his blog, believing, just as Ernest Hemingway, that an entire story can be told in 6 words. CoachDaddy asked a group to tell him our story of how we’d improve ourselves…in 6 words! Yours truly had a hard time picking just one! I’m #64 – Let’s see if I can do it for the entire month of October!

Thanks Eli, for another fantastic cooperative post! Click here to pop over to the full post and join the conversation!!

Happy Weekend!!