It ain’t easy bein’ green! And I’ve been green all week!

I woke up Sunday morning around 6:30 a.m. with a severe case of “dysentery”…and we only have one bathroom! And I had to be at the church early because I was unlocking doors and my worship team was leading worship…which meant I had to talk, sing and play the piano. I warned everyone on arrival that if I bolted from the room, keep playing, stay out of my way, and mute my mic ! Fortunately the drugs “held”…

I spent most of Monday curled up under my new duvet cover with elephants on it. I felt like an elephant…

Tuesday wasn’t too bad. The world was spinning around me most of the day, but then, aren’t I already the centre of the universe anyway? I managed to go food shopping, for everyone else in my household. I foolishly thought I might be on the mend…

Wednesday morning started with more “dysentery” around 5:30.  I gave up crawling back into bed after my 9th trip in less than an hour. It was too painful to get warm and cosy, only to have to disentangle my ankles from the bedsheets and bolt to the loo. So I stayed there and worked on my Italian. The ladies’ ministry program started Wednesday morning, so I had to be at the church early, looking pretty and organized with a smile on my face. I’m a marvellous actress. And then the unspeakable happened – I turned down the offer of a Tim Horton’s steeped tea.

Wait, what?!?!

Photo Courtesy of mtv.com/from Game of Thrones

Yes, I felt THAT bad!

Yesterday was a little better. I didn’t throw up at 2 a.m. (though I’m sure I would have felt better if I had), and I was only up once…at 4 a.m. I am living on water and the occasional slice of bread & butter. Hubby ate popcorn last night; he let me smell it! I have gained 2 lbs and if it were winter, I could almost strip naked and blend perfectly into a snow bank.

It’s been a crappy week! Today, I’m munching on dry Cheerios like a one year old…I need variety in my diet!

No, it ain’t easy bein’ green!

Photo courtesy of tumblr.com

My lovely, funny boss’ last day is today! He and his lovely family are moving to a town with a beach! And I have a funny feeling that next week, I’ll be feeling blue.

Happy Weekend!