I didn’t get posting yesterday because it was Labour Day, and I was labouring…

I sawed logs half the morning before going on several road trips with Little Guy through the board game, Life. Then I worked my way through half a bag of chips on the couch with a movie, before spending a couple of hours slaving away in my mineshafts in Hubby’s Minecraft world. Finally, I poured my energy into the 10 minutes it took to cook a steak dinner for my family, before crashing exhausted on the couch until bedtime. Before I closed my eyes, I studied my Italian lessons. Did I mention that I’m learning Italian?

This morning, we took an excited Little Guy to school, where we stood in the “jungle-esque” atmosphere in a field, amid a crowd of noisy kids and pushy parents with no umbrella etiquette. It’s the first day of school! Little Guy was disappointed that his best friend is in another class, however he got the teacher he was hoping for…last year his teacher was the much feared Mrs. F. I wrote about my own Mrs. F. a few months ago, and I hope to write about his Mrs. F. soon.

Despite the rain and the high humidity, these “lambs to the slaughter” were chatting cheerfully as they were led away to begin another year. So my prayer today is for all the kids and parents (and grandparents) who started the morning with knots in their stomachs, that this will be the first day of an amazing year of learning and growing together.

Happy Tuesday!