I met someone in the grocery store today and she told me I looked like I needed a vacation. I told her I was just returning from a week off. She looked at me like she wasn’t sure how to respond, whether to believe me, laugh with me, or cry on my behalf.

I understand that I’m not tanned and glowing like I’ve been out in the sun. That’s because I wasn’t out in the sun. I’m pasty-white with dark circles under my eyes but that’s because it was cool enough, I wore jeans and a hoodie most of the week. One night, I even sat shivering in the rain with an umbrella, a book and a hot cup of tea so I could watch Little Guy swim.

And my trip across the border wasn’t exactly to a “hot spot” nor could it be classified as a tourist destination, but it was less about where I went and more about who I was with (my parents and Little Guy), and what we did.

I still:

  • Went to another country, and it took less than 2 hours;
  • Slept in a hotel, in a soft bed with puffy pillows;
  • Went sightseeing and took interesting photos of architecture, including a lighthouse;
  • Toured a museum (a small science museum with simple hands-on exhibits. No crowds so lots of time to explore. Little Guy’s favourite display was the “olden days” rotary dial telephone. Boy! Do I feel old?);
  • Read a light-hearted novel at a patio table beside a pool;
  • Went shopping;
  • Smiled and greeted a great looking guy (he let himself into our room the first night and was rather shocked to see us there);
  • Curled up in my soft bed and gorged on potato chips and HGTV;
  • Stayed up all night (ok, my parents’ snoring kept me up all night – gave me lots of time to write blog posts, in my head). Sometimes I got to sleep in;
  • Went swimming once all week…in my clothes. Bathing suits are over-rated;
  • Ate well (and didn’t cook one bite). French toast for supper one night, peach crepes another. Yum!

Sure, I’d love to stroll down a cobbled laneway in Rome, or enjoy an evening cruise on the Thames River in London. I’d love to have returned from my holiday with a golden tan and looking 10 years younger. But I had a great time with my family. Now…I’m back from holidays!