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It’s time to get a wiggle on. Despite the heat and high humidity this week, I have been pounding the pavement every evening in an effort to purge the pudge. It’s not all from potato chips. It’s also from midlife mayhem and secretary spread… but it’s still time to ice ice-cream from the menu and pitch potato chips and pasta, and make way for more “rabbit food”, to quote my dear Nana. Keep in mind, she was a farm wife who frequently prepared the 3Ps – potatos, pot roast & pie. Lots of pie!

When I said pounding the pavement, I meant walking. The last time I went for a run my thights rubbing nearly caused a fire, and I am pretty sure I traumatized a 3 year on his trike, for the remainder of his life. I kept listening for the sirens…of fire trucks (not the ice-cream truck, my nemesis), to come and put me out!

In the words of Bette Davis, “growing old isn’t for sissies”!