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“All by myself, don’t want to be”…wait a minute. Yes! Yes, I do! For a few days at least.

Hubby and Little Guy went to visit Hubby’s parents out of town, which meant I got the house for two nights…to myself! The last (and only) time I had the house to myself for a few days was the Christmas we got hit with a huge ice storm. I was fortunate to never lose power, so I surfed the internet, played Portal, and gorged on Downton Abbey.

I now have a greater understanding of the appeal of being home “alone” rather than travelling to visit in-laws (not that either of us have anything to complain about – they are lovely people)…

1. You can eat what you want and when you want. I had beans and weiners smothered in cheese for supper one night. Pizza the next! And chips. And cereal…lots of cereal.

2. You can do what you want, when you want. I played minecraft and Halo…and watched a chick flick or two! I could yell at the t.v. and no one rolled their eyes or pointed out that “they can’t hear you”.

3. You can dress anyway you want – or not get dressed at all. You don’t have to brush your hair or teeth, or take a shower (although I’d recommend it). I enjoyed padding around the house in a t-shirt. For the record, I showered too.

4. You can go to bed when you want (although I still had to get up for work in the morning) or sleep as late as you want. No one woke me at 6 a.m. to tell me they were still awake at 9:30 p.m. the night before!

5. You can sing out loud. No one is concerned if you’re a little pitchy! If you get lonely, you can just talk to yourself and no one can tell you you’re crazy (unless your imaginary friend chimes in)!

The jobs that needed to get done, got done. The guinea pigs, dishes, and clothes were cleaned. The floors were swept. And all evidence of my affair were buried (Henry! O Henry!). I loved every minute of it!

Today I’m back to packing lunches and running out the door to get to camp and work on time. Hubby is back to work too! One more week to go, and I’ll be on holidays and it will Hubby’s turn to sing “All By Myself”.

Happy Monday!