It’s Friday again!

This morning, I was rudely awakened by a black squirrel digging at my window…again. Seriously, the only nut around that window is the squirrel. The first time it did this, I tried scratching the screen to scare it off, but it didn’t pay attention to me. So I unlocked the window and jiggled the handle, but it still didn’t pay attention to me. So I started cranking the window open (I’m pretty cranky at 6 in the morning) – the window was half open when it noticed…and jumped straight up in the air and off the ledge. Fear not!  The shocked sciurine miraculously grabbed the edge with its back toes as it skydived headfirst toward the ground. So while it was rooting around the window again this morning, all I had to do was tap the window and say “boo” – it fled in abject terror!

The weather this week was wonderful, but that’s about to end. We’re due for rain and temperatures in the high 30s (celsius) pushing it into the 40s with humidity. And I have a wedding to attend this afternoon. I suspect that by “show time”, my mascara will be running, along with my armpits, and my carefully curled coiffe will look like this:

At least I had enough sense to wear white undies with my white dress. There’s a first time for everything!

Finally, further to yesterday’s post, I called my Dr’s office to see if she had received the results of Monday’s test. She did not, but her receptionist promised to track it down for me. My Dr. is away until Monday anyway. I got a phone call late in the day saying that the clinic hadn’t sent the report yet because my tests are in a pile waiting to be reviewed. Which begs the question – who was the perky blonde in blue scrubs who reviewed my films and conducted an ultrasound after the technician? Was I the unwitting victim of some kind of bizarre, sexually-explicit candid camera experiment? I mean, there’s a T.V. show called Dating Naked, but based on the ads for it, the contestants seem to be aware that they are dating…naked…

My Dr’s receptionist promised to get to the bottom of it all on Monday. I would have been more upset by this if I wasn’t still enjoying the sweet sensation of a tummy full of chocolate ice-cream and peanut butter cups at the time. It’s going to be a long weekend and I may just have to visit The Marble Slab again!

Wishing everyone a great weekend! And if you see this squirrel…please ask him to watch his language. He caught me taking his photo and fled to the tree, where he promptly dropped his snack (which cannot possibly fit under my window sill) and swore at me accordingly!

Black squirrel