The Photo 101 course is over and it’s time once again to help you kill precious brain cells “WOW” everyone with my pithy writing (or is that mundane memoirs). Either way, don’t worry – I will still post photos from time to time (like Wilderness Wednesdays) so that I am only assaulting engaging your visual senses (and not just painting terrible mental images with words). Just for fun (and to try and dust off the cobwebs from my rapidly ageing brain), Iperiodically probe  past search terms and popular posts, to see what people are reading and how they got to jennsmidlifecrisis! What I found was quirky, strange, and sometimes, a little disturbing.

The top 5 posts are related to:

  1. Hooker boots, real amateurs in hooker boots (Hubby videotaped me once, unbeknownst to me, trying to walk across the lawn in really high heels. It’s ridiculous! And not for public viewing!), and “These boots were made for walking…”
  2. The Psychology of Eating a Chocolate Bunny. Apparently there are an awful lot of people in this world who are overly concerned with what their chosen method of murder munching a chocolate bunny says about them.
  3. Midlife Crisis Jokes, midlife crisis clichés (for men or women), and funny jokes about midlife crisis. That makes sense.
  4. Urinals. Yup! There are posts I research and struggle over, and next to no one reads them. And when I pieced together these few interesting stories, I expected it to be the same. Some of the other related searches included: urinals, peeing, peeing down leg, pee petition, unisex bathrooms, and bathroom stories. And the strangest of all – “my fix-it-up-life urinal”. Sounds like someone’s life is in the toilet!
  5. Death of a Pair of Shoes. So there are others in this world who mourn the loss of a good pair of shoes…a moment of silence please.

Moment’s over!

There were over 1,500 unknown search terms, but here are a few other highlights:

  • Looking for mens’ thongs and gstrings (well, you won’t find them here!)
  • Swimsuit and matching flip-flops
  • Bathing suits size of postage stamp (one of my favourite expressions)
  • Golden time ebay prego test (buying a pregnancy test from ebay doesn’t sound like a smart idea to me!)
  • Moo moo suit

I’m not sure this is what they had in mind…

  • Wonder woman outfits for 40 year olds (Hmm…)
  • Men who love to visit ‘breastaurants’ (again, that one post that seems to haunt me)
  • Mud Hero

    Mudder Pond

    Yes – that’s me!

  • BFFs/GFs and boyfriends (apparently my theory of Girlfriend-Boyfriend-Ugly Best Friend has been considered by others, but as yet, has not made it in to any science journals)
  • Mom takes picture of son in girls lingerie (disturbing)
  • Muddy boobs (not touching this one!)
  • Voluptuous mannequins
  • Christie Brinkley

There were others that were simply too ridiculous or too rude to share…

Karen Blixen wrote: “To me, the explanation of life seems to be its melody, its pattern. And I feel in life such an infinite, truly inconceivable fantasy.” It’s a good thing that this list is not the explanation of life, for there is no melody or pattern, just the wonderful world of weirdness. As for this post being a good idea, it was truly an inconceivable fantasy.

Happy Monday!