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I signed up for the Blogging U photography course but I really did think it through. Particularly the timing…

1) Hubby is away so I’m single-parenting it this week. That’s not a problem…except when I want to go somewhere to take photos. Little Guy gives me lots of groans and eye-rolls, even when I offer to let him take some photos too. Guess it’s not his “cup of tea”!

2) Hubby is away and took my little blue camera – the one I keep in my purse in case I want to snap a shot while I’m on the go. I have a lovely larger camera but I sometimes feel too conspicuous in public to use it.

3) “On the go” generally consists of: to the school, to the church, to the school, to home. And I’m still trying to restore “home” to some semblance of order.

4) Plus Hubby is away which means this mouse is trying to get a few small home reno. jobs done when there’s one less person to work around. Of course, my parents will be visiting so that means adding two people…

5) Finally, it’s supposed to storm all week. The only thing I hate more than being wet, is being cold & wet!

I could come up with more excuses but I won’t! I could also pull out older shots, but it feels like “cheating”. So I will do my best and would love some feedback.


The first challenge is home. I took this photo inside the concession stand at an abandoned drive-in theatre.

Empty Nest on Sill

“The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship.” – William Blake