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I caught my reflection in the office supply store window yesterday afternoon and it crossed my mind: “I look good”! I was wearing a garden green chiffon dress and my new hot pink pumps. My hair was behaving and there was a skip in my step. I smiled at the guy who was walking across the parking lot. Was he checking me out? I started to adjust my sunglasses and thought about tossing my hair.

And then my step “skipped” a beat and I tripped over my own foot.

I’d like to imagine that I stumbled gracefully. And I’d like to be able to say that the guy in the parking lot rushed to my side, caught me skillfully in his suddenly bulging arms, as his long blonde hair blew in the warm summer breeze…and when he smiled down at me…well, you get the picture.

I’m pretty sure it looked more like this…

I regained my composure and headed into the store as fast as possible. I don’t know if the guy in the lot saw me or if he wet his pants laughing at me. If I had been in his position, I certainly would have needed a change of clothes. Lesson learned:

“Pride first, then the crash, but humility is a precursor to honor”. – Prov. 18:12 (MSG)

Disclaimer: No shoes were harmed in the making of this story.  Happy Weekend!