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Sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

In the last year, 3 women in our church were diagnosed with breast cancer, 2 are close friends. All 3 have undergone surgery and combinations of chemo and radiation. They have all faced it with faith, courage, and quiet dignity. I know there were hard days that I didn’t hear about. There were tears that I didn’t see. There were questions for which there were no answers.

For these ladies, the “joy of the Lord is my strength”.(Neh. 8:10)

I admire them.

This week, I received a letter in the mail. Of course, it was a form letter, but it made me feel me feel good. When I heard about my friends, I wanted to do something, something good. But there was so little I could do. I prayed. I tried to encourage them. And I took a bold step. I cut my hair (sadly, with a few tears) and donated my ponytail to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. My ponytail will be combined with 5 others to make a real-hair wig, and distributed by the Canadian Cancer Society, at no cost, to a woman in need undergoing cancer treatments. I hope that what was often one of the biggest aggravations of my life (my hair) will help restore dignity and self-confidence into the life of someone living with cancer.

That makes sense.