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Gone are the days of 1990s family portraits when everyone in the picture wore the same outfit. Thank goodness!

We were watching The Goldbergs the other night, a fun family comedy set in the 1980s, complete with matching “Cosby” sweaters, big hair and acid wash jeans. See?

The Goldbergs – Season One

Somehow our own conversation drifted to awkward family group photos. I commented that we have very few full family photos, “especially not any with matching”….and my voice trailed off.

There is one. No one else remembered it. It was taken during a “Glamour Party” – the kind where you’re invited to get your hair and make-up done, and then pose for photos in different “outfits”…in exchange for your money. I didn’t think fast enough on my feet to say “no” and I had to go! One of my “outfits” could include my family…

Awkward Family Photo (645x800)

If I get 10 “likes”, I’ll post the rest of the photos…of me…

Happy Weekend!