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“An enabler is a person who by their actions make it easier for an addict to continue their self-destructive behavior by criticizing or rescuing.” – Darlene Albury

Last week, many of my friends and family member were “enablers”…they enabled me to sample and savour many different types of birthday cake. And they were all good!

On Tuesday, my friend delivered a red velvet “tear-away” cake (with fluffy white icing) to one of my bosses, who stored it in the other boss’ office until they could “surprise me”. I shared the bounty.

On Tuesday night, I baked Betty Crocker Reese® cupcakes to celebrate my birthday. Ask my Dad – in his family, chocolate cake is a synonymous with “party”! They were really time-consuming, bur worth consuming!

On Thursday night, Hubby and I went on an impromptu “girls’ night” and I smacked down a supple slice of white chocolate triple-berry cake. I didn’t share…

My parents visited this weekend and we had a family orgy. They brought Henry (O Henry!) in cake-form. Alas! I fear that while I love my husband, my steamy affair with Henry (O Henry) is destined to continue!

And finally, on Sunday afternoon, Hubby brought home a decadent chocolate mousse cake, which resulted in a number of suggestive sounds emanating from my frosting-covered lips.

Add that up! That’s 6 cakes in 5 days.

Thank you to my family and friends for enabling me to enjoy my birthday with such memorable treats!

This Monday morning, I’m taking my car to the mechanic to get the snow tires removed, and I’m walking home…in the hopes of enabling my body to fit into my new jeans by the weekend!

Let’s call it rehab.

Happy Star Wars Day!