Mud is very nice to feel
All squishy squashy between the toes!
I’d rather wade in wiggley mud
Than smell a yellow rose.
Nobody else but the rosebush knows
How nice mud feels between the toes.
– Polly Chase Boyden

So today is the day…I’m officially 42 (or I will be at 6:55 p.m. tonight). Another year closer to death!

I started this blog in preparation for the big 40. That year, I got a tattoo and did this!

Last year, I tackled the Capture Your 365 Project, trying to expand my brain and my eye through photography! And this year? Our Youth Pastor suggested I enter Tough Mudder this year…I think he’s secretly trying to kill me. I’m open to other suggestions!

Happy Wednesday!

* all photos were taken by (and yes, I paid for them!)