They give me the “heebie-jeebies”…house centipedes! They are swift and stealthy insects that scuttle along the edges of the room. They hide in dark places, including the toothbrush cup in the bathroom (right Mom? Didn’t taste so good…) We had one scurry across the floor last night and by the time I grabbed a shoe, it had vanished. But it left its imprint nonetheless. I have carefully avoided that corner of the room all day and I jump at every tickle and itch on my legs. I may still be jumpy after Big Guy’s shenanigans a few Fridays ago.

There I was…curled up on the couch under a warm blanket, nearly asleep. Only minutes before I had heard Hubby ask me if I was going to stay there all night. I don’t remember if I answered. I could feel something delicately tickling the top of my head but not enough to concern me. That is until I heard Hubby mumble something with the word “spider” in it.

Cue freak out…


I shrieked. I jumped. I patted my head down. In my flurry of activity, I dislodged, what I later learned, a piece of fluff caught in my hair. I saw it fly off in the corner of my eye, which only served to intensify my attack. It was only when I heard Big Guy laughing hysterically behind me that I realized I’d been tricked.

It took me hours to go to sleep that night…in the safety of my bedroom…alone!

Hubby calls it “exposure therapy” which makes me wonder, is there more to come? Just in case, I won’t be napping on the couch this weekend!