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Every year, I have written short and silly posts about Chocolate Bunny Psychology, and it continues to be one of my most popular posts…all year long. What is it about cannibalizing chocolate bunnies that attract so many people worldwide?!? Maybe the Beatles got it wrong. It’s not “all we need is love” – it’s all we need is chocolate bunnies. Could bunnies be the next weapon of mass destruction? Or even better, if we could harness the power of the bunny, could we have full and lasting world peace? Something to ponder while I demolish this pink foiled confection.

How do you eat your chocolate bunny and just what does it say about you? Where do you start – ears first? Toes? Tummy? I usually start with the candy eye (maybe I can’t bear for it to see what’s coming next), but according to a new Bunny Test (link at the bottom), I am an expressive and sensitive person (hope so). Connections are important to me (true). I am adventurous and make friends easily (well, they can’t all be accurate).

The majority of chocolate bunny consumers admit they start with the ears…I’d venture to guess that if you start to feel guilty, you can stop eating the bunny and the bunny will still “be alive”…or that with no ears, the bunny can no longer hear you sneaking up behind it, or lying that you weren’t the one to eat it! Some sites say that those who nibble from the ears down are logical, determined, not overly sentimental and complete things quickly. Ear nibblers make no apologies. But if you eat your bunny feet first, then you hold things dear, wear your heart on your sleeve, as well as possess a wonderful, child-like sense of curiosity. Tail-eaters are either competitive and seek power, or are kind-hearted and unrestricted.

If you can’t bear to watch as you slowly cannibalize your chocolate bunny, what about melting it, or freezing it and whacking it with a heavy object. I’m just saying – you could avoid a lot of unpleasantness that way.

To take your own Easter bunny test, check here!  Otherwise, please enjoy a nibble with me!

Happy Easter