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The hamster in my brain isn’t running on it’s wheel so well these days. It seems the older I get, the slower the hamster gets. Or maybe it just gets distrac..

Photo courtesy of wikimedia.org-Syrian Hamster

Photo courtesy of wikimedia.org-Syrian Hamster

It’s Brain Awareness Month. My super-cool friend (and he is cool but not because he’s friends with me, just to be clear), put together another hilarious 6 Words post – What We’ve Done With Our Brain Switched Off! He asked friends & blogger friends to share their story in 6 words – a belief brought to us by Hemingway! CoachDaddy will explain it all. See if you can find me! I can relate to #36 (during a job interview where attention to detail was valued), and #38…and several a few others that have sparked blog post ideas for the future.

My imaginary friend and I agree that this is a post worth popping over to see (I’ve made it very clear for you in case your hamster is running slow today too), and if you have a 6-word story, please share it! Even if it’s more than 6 words, please share it. Happy Thursday!