Dear Hubby,

I missed you last night. There was a spider in my room. It was clinging to the door frame inside the bedroom and I almost didn’t glance up to see him when I closed the door and reached for the light switch. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had turned out the lights.

I had to channel your courage to…run through the door to get my father. Only seconds before, the living room light had been on and he was on the computer. He moved fast! But as I ran through the door, everything was veiled in blackness. I had to weave my way, in haste, through Little Guy’s “Scrabble Tile Death Trap” on the floor of my parents’ room.

My parents were still talking when I knocked so I knew there was a chance Dad was still dressed. I announced that I had a “friend in my room for Dad”. Mom answered the door in her nightie and handed me a stuffed garden glove tied to a long wooden dowel. It’s for dusting down cobwebs (and friends) in high places.

I told her, “that won’t kill it – it’s too light”.

You don’t have to kill it,” she said. “It will rain. Just brush it down.” (I didn’t have the heart to point out that it had been raining for the last 14 hours and I hadn’t killed anything recently).

“I can’t just brush it down. It could crawl into and lay eggs in my ear in the night.”

By then, my Dad had rounded the bed, grabbed the stick, and was traversing the darkened living room, scrabble tiles clinking as he brushed past them. I directed him to the culprit of this late night madness, from the living room, and as he headed out the bedroom door (to hopefully shake the culprit outside via the front door), I ran into the kitchen to await the verdict. Dad had no idea if our friend was clambering over the stick, grousing that someone had once again foiled its plotted midnight mayhem.

I went to bed thinking of you, my dearest darling, and I wanted to thank you for all the times that you have saved me from the 8-legged fiends in our own home. Mostly recently, the one hanging on the bathroom ceiling, over my mouth while I gargled. Your heroism does not go unnoticed!

I slept well, despite the excitement before bed…mostly because I had both ears firmly covered. Just in case.

Love Jenn

(p.s. Thank you to my brave father as well. You have been my unsung hero for a number of years too!)