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This weekend, I signed up for the Daily Post Poetry Challenge …I’m not sure what I was thinking other than I need to tackle some goal, some challenge to beat the February blahs! Today’s challenge was to write a Haiku related to water, and if up to an additional challenge, to include a simile with it. We’ll see how this goes… Happy Monday!


My life’s like a puddle
Serene, it reflects the beauty around me
I am calm and happy.

Former views are snatched away
Someone causes ripples to distort my peace
I am frightened and lost.

Ripples fade, glassy surface resumes
I feel them keenly, less with time
I am sore and weary.

The ripples are a warning
They will happen when I am unprepared
I am uncertain and untrusting.

They are also a reminder
God created my puddle; God restores peace
I am comforted and safe.

I can survive the ripples
I choose to change, not be defined
I am free and tranquil.

The puddle will always change
But when I pause, I see reflections
More beautiful, I am blessed.

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