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It snowed yesterday and I have to confess – I got a little excited about it. Just goes to show that my mental health status is precariously balanced between sane and insane. Maybe what I need is a little spirit. A little goofiness at work. A reason to dress outrageously, act crazy…and go to work like that.

This week was Spirit Week at Little Guy’s school, and I was a little jealous. Monday was Moustache Day but I didn’t find the note until it was almost time to run out the door. But we put our heads together and came up with a quick solution:

 Finger Moustache

Tuesday was 80’s day. I could so rock the big hair!  We had no neon in the house…or leg warmers, parachute pants, acid wash jeans or big shoulder pads, so we improvised:

Bruce Springsteen + Bender from the Breakfast Club = one rockin’ 9 year old!

It was worthy of one of these!

Fist Pump!

Wednesday was Super Hero day! Do you have any idea how hard it is to stuff a cape into snowpants??


I’m pretty sure that if I showed up at work dressed like Wonder Woman, my bosses wouldn’t be impressed. Nor would their wives. (Let’s be honest, nor would anyone over the age of 5).

Super Church Lady!


Of course, it could be worse. One of the pastors could dress up as Wonder Woman too! (*shudder)

To round out the week, Little Guy had Twin Day which is a bust if you don’t have a friend to coordinate with, and today is School Shirt/Colours, which is kind of boring.

What if adults had “Spirit Week” at work?

Personally, my first vote would be for Pajama Day. Or Hollywood Movie Star day (like I need an excuse to wear velvet and gloves). I’ve accidentally done Mismatched Shoe Day at the office…and I’m one night’s sleep away from Mismatched Everything Day.

There are lots of possibilities:

Hat Day (I look stupid in hats)

Tacky Tourist Day

Ugly Sweater Day (sounds like the 80s again)

Cartoon Character Day

Holiday-Themed days

Backwards Day (great way to get your panties in a bunch!)

Dress Like an Olympian Day (would a toga work here?)

Dress Like an Animal Day (I’m not touching this one…)

1960s Day

1970s Day (Sensing a trend, here?)

1990s Day

Sports Team Day (Can I be Sporty Spice?)

Black & White Day

Futuristic Day

Tie Dye Day (yeah, man!)

Sunglasses Day

Crazy Hair Day (well…that’s every day)

Or something like this?

If you had a Spirit Day at work, what “theme” would you vote for?