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In my cold-medication-induced stupor, I lost track of the days. I knew it was Wednesday but beyond that, the actual date held no meaning. And then I logged into WordPress this evening to addictively check my stats see if any of my favourite bloggers had posted something new – and there was my name with the words “Guest Blogger” in front of it. That jolt was better than a caffeine shot!

I am over the top humbled and excited all at the same time, not only to be asked to be a guest blogger on one of my favourite sites, but to actually be posted there. CoachDaddy is a wonderful writer, father, husband and all-round nice guy (the kind you wanted to take home to your mother). His voice makes us laugh and wonder, sometimes out loud at the same time, while at other times he touches our vulnerable spots with tenderness and understanding. He’s also a wonderful encourager, and delights in sharing his limelight with other aspiring bloggers.

I feel like I’ve made it to the Big Leagues (and I don’t even play any sports). Thank you, CoachDaddy, for trusting me in your world today (and for saying all those nice things about me – I needed the ego boost)! I’m just going to stare at your page for awhile…

So please head over to read about my experience with Diapers & Driving lessons, and hang out there for awhile. Trust me – you won’t be disappointed!