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Moms don’t get sick…and the boogie man doesn’t exist. We can say it, but it doesn’t always mean it isn’t true.

Sometimes Moms get sick. Sometimes they get so sick that:

  • they have to leave the laundry in the dryer, knowing that itwill sit there and grow wrinkles hourly.
  • they park the box of Christmas tree decorations box next to the naked Christmas tree in the living room knowing the pages of the daily calendar are being torn away.
  • they agree to go to bed at 5:30 in the afternoon (after cooking supper, of course), even though the dishes are molding by the sink.

I felt lousy all day last Friday. I shivered despite the heater blasting in the office behind me. My head hurt, and I was really tired. It felt like a normal wintry day so I took something and kept going. I shivered all night but took something in the morning to keep going. I made it to 5:30 p.m. – Saturday. I was supposed to lead worship on Sunday (I offered to take something and keep going – my fever was still under 103F…). I was supposed to work Monday because there was a funeral at the church…I was supposed to work Tuesday because there might not be others in the office…

 Instead I glowed  uncontrollably through several pairs of pajamas well into Tuesday afternoon (women don’t sweat – we glow). I shivered. I tried to sleep (apparently have one spot on my body that isn’t well-padded). I melted.  The pile of fuzzy socks grew into a mountain at the bottom of the bed.  Save for one (delicious) Big Mac, I ate next to nothing. I didn’t even want tea (I’m pretty sure I just heard the barely audible gasp of the 6 people who read my blog).

Little Guy missed school on Monday – I was in no shape to drive. He was thrilled!

And then the coughing started, and now, when I speak, I channel this guy –

ME E E P?!?

But it’s Friday again!  I’m back to work and the plague is starting to abate. I’ve wiped down every surface in the house and I’m ready to burn the pile of laundry that has accumulated. I may still lose a lung, but I’m 5 lbs lighter and it’s Friday (can you tell I’m trying to be optimistic?)  Let me know what you’re up to this weekend because I’m still living vicariously through others. It’s less taxing on my energy level. Happy Weekend!