Forget the Hunger Games – on December 3rd, I entered the fiercely competitive Evil Squirrel Games, and just under the wire too. Bill Brown, author and cartoonist at the Evil Squirrel’s Nest hosted a 2014 Christmas Card contest to win one of his cute hand-drawn critters from The Nest.

I entered the contest, but as the days blended together and I started to fight off the plague, I forgot…

This week, I received a card in the mail. I didn’t immediately recognize the return address, so I kept repeating the sender’s name over and over again, hoping to encourage the neurons in my brain to start snapping (the cold medication I’ve been taking hasn’t been kind). The stamp was from the U.S.A. Little Guy just stared at me quizzically, then jumped when I started to yell…

To make a long story longer – here’s the sweet creature I received, on my Christmas tree, because isn’t that where angels belong?

 by Bill Brown

by Bill Brown

Special thanks to the Evil Squirrel for helping perk up this old lady! Now he can say that one of his creations travelled all the way to the Great White North. Head on over to the Nest to see all of his creations (click here) and take some time to browse his cartoons, his Retro ads, his Saturday Squirrels (one of his squirrels was Canadian!), or his Flashback Friday posts. GO Nuts!

And “May the Likelihood of Something Good Happening Be Ever In Your Favour”. Happy Weekend!