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Little Guy didn’t make it to swimming lesson last night and I’m still feeling a little guilty. Was it wisdom or defeat?

All it took to come to that decision was a pan of burnt onions, one smoking burner ring, one scalded hand, and one slimy grease slop…down the walls, the floor and me, before I reached it. All of that happened as I dashed between the kitchen and the living room trying to help Little Guy with his big pile of homework (i.e., to stay on task).

To get to swimming (which Little Guy hates), we have to leave the house by 5:30 p.m. By 5:25, I knew we were in serious trouble. We didn’t “waste” any time after school playing Minecraft, or swapping stories about our day over mugs of hot chocolate, but got right to work. Yet supper wasn’t completely cooked. Little Guy was still recovering from his meltdown, and I was on the verge of mine own. With an unresolved issue simmering in the background, and an icy wind blowing items in the backyard, it was clearly time to call! I’m a strong advocate of finishing what you’ve started, of sticking to commitments, and of powering through rather than admitting defeat…

Yesterday I had dragged Little Guy to school in arctic tundra conditions. I had attended meetings, dealt with paperwork, and returned an unusually high number of phone and email messages at work. I had dealt with an elevator inspector and the porno video that someone posted on the church’s Facebook page.  I was so tired that I knew if I sat down, I would never get up again.  At some point the lesson I was forced to learn over and over stuck – harried-ness = injury (sometimes physically and always relationally). We were done.

So we stayed home. We ate dinner in peace. I enjoyed a hot shower in peace (except for Little Guy’s one interruption). I had time to clean the guinea pigs. I had time to visit with a friend on the phone. I even had time to write some notes for this blog post. Homework still took 3.5 hours in total, but it’s done too (thank goodness it wasn’t math or we’d still be working…)

Today is a new day…and I don’t think I’ve messed it up…yet. Just give me time! 🙂