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Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21st…but as far as I’m concerned, it started in earnest yesterday. It snowed all day, enough to have to use the snow shovel. I was forced to dig out and wear bulky and unflattering winter clothing. The bad drivers just…got worse. Soggy mittens now line the floor heating vents. And the weather network is predicting wind chill warnings of nearly -20C this morning.

I am not impressed.

If last winter is any indication of what my future holds and based on the fact that the “white stuff” is falling so soon in the season, I may suffer a mental malaise that will force me to eat gluten-filled toast in the bathtub…or something worse involving Henry (O Henry)

I’d like to stay home and curl up on the couch with a good book for the next 5 months. I wonder if a bibliotherapist could write me a note to convince anyone of my great need to hibernate?

The concept behind bibliotherapy is that literature can treat a host of mental malaises and that reading can be deeply healing. It’s not a new concept, just one that is slower to be recognized. WWII veterans were often given books to help them cope with the trauma they witnessed, and book clubs have long been used in mental health facilities. And BONUS: it’s cheaper than retail therapy (if you can convince the librarian to give you a library card) and less fattening than chocolate!

If novels are medicine, please give me a prescription STAT!

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