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Dear Out-of-Province Aggressive Driver:

Thank you for honking behind at me at the red light – I didn’t move because there was on-coming traffic. Thank you for tailgating me, even though I was driving 10 km over the speed limit. And thank you SO much for intentionally cutting me off in such a way that I had to slam on the brakes and swerve toward on-coming traffic. I particularly liked the way you flipped me “the bird” when I slammed on my horn once I knew I wasn’t going to die! I like feeling like Bruce Willis in a Die Hard movie as I make my way to the school after…well, a hard day!

While I wasn’t able to get your license plate number (because you didn’t have one on the front of your car and I only saw the province name and (coincidentally) an “F” and “K” as my life passed before my eyes), may I remind you that your vehicle was still plastered with your company’s internet address …and they have plenty of ways for me to contact them through the social media realm.

Please enjoy these pictures and click on the photos to read the quotes…while I work on a polite response.

Yours truly,