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“Your cookies are not well-heeled” joked Hubby, before wisely leaving the kitchen.

I was trying to apply icing to my high-heel shaped sugar cookies…and it was not going well. I even bought red icing for the occasion. But the icing was hard to squeeze (even after I cleaned the rock hard year old icing out of my icing tip – oops!) and it didn’t spread well either. The texture reminded me of red wax. It tended to roll unevenly over the surface of the cookie but not stick to it. So instead of pretty red shoes, I had shoes that looked like someone had bled out all over them after a grisly, murderous attack.

I thought I could solve the problem by using the French vanilla icing I found in the fridge, and then pipe red icing as an embellishment. But while the white icing smeared smoothly, I kept breaking the cookies. I had only saved 16 cookies – 2 for each table – and they were disappearing fast!

I had lost my cool the night before and ended up cleaning up a big mess (meanwhile the guinea pigs were contained but not in their cage so I had another big mess – ugh!).  And I was struggling to not have a different kind of meltdown, one that would end with me sitting on the kitchen floor and sobbing…so Hubby was wise to step out of the kitchen (before I booted him out).

I can’t say that I’m head over in heels in love with them, but I am hoping they will lift some soles!

High Heel Shoe Cookies