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I was singing “Let It Snow” all Saturday morning because…well, it was snowing. Hard to believe we had just endured trick-or-treating in the rain the night before! I was also baking cookies – shaped like high-heeled shoes…Holly Homemaker stuck her nose in the back door, quietly whispering that while I was at it, I should bake orange-cranberries muffins since I bought the cranberries two weeks ago, or perhaps something with the jack-o-lanterns rotting on the front porch. I threatened her with the rolling pin. So the sneak bothered Big Guy. Big Guy taught Little Guy how to cook scrambled eggs, which meant that lonely egg white in the bowl, got used after all. Score a point for Holly Homemaker!

Here’s the final installment for October for the Capture Your 365 Project. Hello November!

Click on the photos to see the prompts & quotes. Happy Monday!