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This weekend, I received a very high compliment from The Nest. Not only was Evil Squirrel kind enough to call me an “avid photographer” (as opposed to what I really am – a “wanna-be” with a fancy camera I’m not sure how to work properly), but he also showcased some of my backyard beauties (and my overgrown garden) on his Saturday Squirrel post! I say backyard beauties because black squirrels are abundant here, but not so in other parts of the world, and I never realized it before. Cheers to all creatures great and small!

While I patiently waited on my back porch to snap my furry friend (he’s been taunting me for months), I managed to fulfill a few more Capture Your 365 Project prompts as well. But I’d better hurry…October is over in less than 3 days. Click on the photos to see the prompts and quotes I chose to go with them. 🙂