I noticed an unusual phenomenon this evening, in my household. I’ve actually noticed it before but I’ve never really taken the time to ponder its origin. Every male in my household toss their dirty clothes in the basket…inside out! Shirts. Underwear. Socks. Without fail. The only exception seems to be pants and shorts…well, adult pants and shorts.

I understand turning printed tees inside out in an attempt to preserve the ironed-on decal, or the new dark jeans in an attempt to preserve the colour. I don’t understand plain undershirts or t-shirts with more holes than I have in my ears.

My clothes (with the exception of the odd pair of panties) are never inside out in the basket. I meticulously “fix” them before they hit the basket. You may be tempted to point out that at least the pants make it in the basket with the right side out. The pants may be correct but they possess another “secret”. The pockets are often full of used tissues, pebbles, bottle caps, dead batteries, and assorted other knickknacks…that I occasionally forget to check for and remove. The result: feathering the whole load with wads of wet tissue (the size of “spit balls”) and noises from the dryer that sound like it’s falling apart one screw at a time. Maybe it is…

Just imagine the number of days at the end of my life (assuming it’s a long one) that I will have spent righting these wrongs.

Why? Why are they always inside out? I turn everything the right way around before I fold them, enabling my family to get dressed… am I an enabler? What activities have nurtured this annoying habit? Or is it nature? It is a genetic mutation carried and passed on through the mother? I guess we’ll never know.

Happy Weekend!