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My brother would ask this question with a confused look on his face every time my mother started talking about the food and preparations for the holidays…or else he proudly spout off “Pi – 3.14159265 dot dot dot”.

Every family has their food traditions. In mine, cakes were for birthdays. And pie was reserved for family holiday gatherings, namely Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And one slice was not enough. My grandmother insisted, as she dished up, that every plate had at least 2 slices. Telling her you wanted small pieces only meant that you had marginally smaller pieces…measured in millimetres.

My Dad’s Mom was a farm wife, who whipped together pies on a regular basis. For her, it was no big deal. Nor was a recipe required. She tried to teach me once how to make her flaky pie crust by feel…but I couldn’t feel the difference between too wet, too dry and perfection.

Her specialties were lemon meringue and green tomato, which is similar to apple pie – brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg. Double-crust. Mmm…My sons disagree…and so that tradition may end with my generation.

This Thanksgiving, we kept the tradition. First, we had pie.

Second, I baked a green tomato pie for our Thanksgiving meal back in late August… when it was so hot that the act of blinking caused excessive sweating. Just don’t tell her…but I usually just buy pie crust. I have a better chance of producing an identifiable pie.

Third, while we modified the tradition alittle…we still had more than one slice.