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Black squirrel with green apple  It’s that time of year again, when the critters are making their presence felt. I don’t mind the cheeky squirrels leaving half-eaten apples on my porch railing and I tolerate the blue jays berating the neighbour’s cat…but I hate the spiders leaving copious strings of web between the wall of the carport and my car…right at eye level…every morning.

  Hubby warned me that there’s a “big one” in the carport (his words) over by the compost bin, so I have studiously avoided that entire side of the building. As far as I’m concerned, any arachnid larger than the head of a pin is a “big one”.

A couple of years ago I kept spraying a monstrous one with the “can of death”, but the spider only fell down and curled up for a good laugh. He was back at it the very next day! In my defence, it kept spreading silvery strings across the back door. It even laid in wait once so that when I opened the back door, it swung in too and bounced off my face. I instinctively screamed like a banshee. Thankfully, it was swinging out again so it didn’t end up in my mouth. If it had, I’d still be in a home for the bewildered knitting tea cozies!

I have a greater reason to worry this Fall, as the creepy things and furry critters seek out a warm abode for the winter. According to Australian researchers, cities are apparently heavenly for spiders. In a nutshell, cities have less wildlife (thank the danger, noise, pollution, and limited habitat) so with fewer enemies, lots of nooks and crannies, and lots of snacks (flies do love extra garbage), city dwellers are sharing space with more eight-legged guests than our country cousins! And those warm, hard surfaces, help provide cozy nurseries for their offspring. So now I can scratch “fewer spiders” off my pro list for city living…

This creepy guy lives in my Mom's garden!

This little guy lives in my Mom’s garden!

This morning my clothesline shimmered with silver threads…so did the giant circular web decorating my back porch (the kind copied and fabricated in glow-in-the-dark rubber as Halloween decorations). Maybe my former enemy had kids and now they are “sharing the love”…

…and what the heck is living here??

spider web hole