We survived the first day of school, or rather Little Guy did! Once he was settled, Hubby and I spent some adult time together. We picked up Timmies and came home to play Minecraft. What?!? We never get a turn! 🙂

My friend, Coach Daddy, did his famous 6 Words post again, asking a number of bloggers to share their legacy for the next generation. I encourage you to take some adult time and check it out. It’s always better to laugh than cry! Happy Wednesday!

Coach Daddy

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc photo credit: JD Hancock via photopincc

Do we get to choose our legacy?

Or does our legacy choose us?

Heavy for a late-August midweek though, no?

Our legacy is like that last roll of film in our camera that isn’t developed until well after we’re done on this earth. It’s the ultimate statement that sums up what we’ve done with our lives. Scary that it can be summed up at all.

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